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Account Executive

IRIS.TV Account Executives are the company’s ongoing connection to the valuable clients we work with. It is essential that we project a confident and proficient level of service to each and every one, in order to maximize the value of the premium IRIS.TV experience.


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Full Stack Engineer

IRIS.TV is looking for versatile engineers that have knowledge in both frontend and backend systems. This person will work as the bridge between our recommendation engine and UI: helping to find the best way to build new player integrations and improve how our internal management tools work with our recommendations.

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Dev Ops Engineer

Working closely with our engineering team, the DevOps Engineer will be responsible for automating installation, configuration and maintenance of all of IRIS.TV’s cloud infrastructure. He or she will also support daily operations and help develop strategies to improve availability and utilization of supporting web application servers along with monitoring and alerting.


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Sales Development Associate

Working closely with Sales and Marketing, the Sales Development Associate will assist in locating qualified leads for potential customers and partners. We are looking for someone who is eager to learn, proactive, and can go out to market and enthusiastically represent IRIS.TV.


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