B&C: The Science of Presidential Debate Video Views

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Press, Video Programming Insights

A look at the types of video that are most successful at grabbing user attention and generating initial engagement

Below is an excerpt of the piece written by IRIS.TV’s Rohan Castelino and Katherine Miller for Broadcasting & Cable. The article covers:

  • Debate video has 12% higher user retention* than websites that had other video coverage, so add more debate video to your web pages.
  • Tag each asset with metadata from a debate category such as: Presidential Debates, Debates, Politics, Election 2016, and Vice Presidential Debates, Trump, Hillary, etc.

  • Videos with attention-grabbing titles have 67% higher retention rates than videos entitled with descriptions such as “summary” or “watch” so use creative titles that include an audience hook or “outrageous moment.”
  • Promote video on social media to drive traffic to your owned and operated site. Video assets capturing interviews on social media trending stories, such as Ken Bone, drive traffic best.

Websites that offer video from the Presidential Debates get more views and less bounces if they conform to certain rules that IRIS.TV—a personalized video programming platform—observed from videos posted from the first three (counting VP) debates on 15 major sites that have had nearly a billion video views from Aug. 15 to Oct. 14.

Read the full article at Broadcasting & Cable for more tips about how to get the most video consumption, user engagement, and retention from your presidential debate coverage.