IRIS.TV for Brands
A marketplace for branded content where marketers can distribute branded video and sponsored content in-stream alongside editorial video across our publisher clients.
Reach the right audiences at the right time.
A marketplace that serves your branded content inside personalized streams across lifestyle, entertainment, news, and sports content verticals. The result is longer view times with your creative getting the attention it deserves.
A better user experience for your brand story.
We treat your branded video, creative commercial, or movie trailer as content. Based on real-time feedback from viewers and AI, we know when to show your creative in-stream. This results in longer view times and engagement.
Reach engaged viewers with content they love.
Improving the viewing experience means giving audiences more control. If they skip or thumbs up content, IRIS.TV learns from user feedback to improve the performance of your campaign over time.
Intelligent distribution outside the walled gardens.
Reach large-scale audiences when they are watching video on their favorite premium broadcaster and publisher digital destinations. Define your audience target by content category, location, and device.
Make every dollar count.
Pay only for how often and how long the branded content is viewed.
Learn how Bud Light achieved industry-leading completion rates with a recent branded entertainment campaign.

A marketplace with IRIS.TV for Brands. Distribute
your content to the audiences you want to reach.

Place your branded video within playlists as content, not
Control where it’s being placed and what content it’s placed next to.
Target the right user at the right time.
AI that learns in 
real time.
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