Contextual Ad Targeting for Video

Sell and execute contextual targeting through your current content management system, video player, SSP, and ad server in order to offer new and differentiated inventory to buyers at scale.

Relevance at Scale

Enable marketers to reach premium audiences with pre-roll and mid-roll ads that are aligned to the subject matter of a specific video.

Higher Fill and Healthy CPMs

Differentiate your content and ad inventory to win budgets, while driving higher CPMs through unique and relevant inventory packages.

Brand-aligned Segments

Create industry-standard contextual segments that inspire confidence with your ad partners by demonstrating an unprecedented level of transparency across your video supply.

Activate Campaigns

Surface segments to your ad server and supply-side platform to execute both direct deals and private marketplaces.

Compatible with any CMS, Video Player, and Ad Server

Utilize your existing programmatic infrastructure to reach users watching relevant content across your inventory

Enable Contextual Ad Targeting for your next campaign.

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