Introducing Contextual Ad Targeting for Video

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Contextual Ad Targeting, News

Providing Audiences with Relevant Ad and Content Experiences

The IRIS.TV team is headed to Cannes Lions to introduce a first-to-market solution to help brands reach premium video audiences in brand suitable environments at scale. Today, every marketer with large reach and frequency goals for video advertising is confronted with concerns of brand safety and brand suitability.

Relevant Ads to Match Relevant Content – The Ultimate Video Experience

Our core objective has always been to provide publisher and broadcaster clients with the ability to deliver contextually relevant and personalized content experiences to their viewers. As part of our continued investment, we are excited to announce new capabilities to further drive revenue and engagement for our clients. This new offering will empower clients to target video advertising using contextual information for both direct and programmatic advertising. This brings the industry a long way towards a fully personalized stream of content + advertising to maximize user experience and overall monetization.

How it Works

IRIS.TV’s video recommendation technology enables broadcasters and publishers to leverage AI to target the right video to the right viewer, at scale. We have added to Asset IQ™, our metadata structuring system, the ability for editorial video to be classified into contextual segments. This then enables our personalization engine, Adaptive Stream™, to pass contextual segments into our client’s ad server allowing direct and private marketplace transactions to occur.

Ad Tech Compatibility?

You may ask, what technology providers are this new offering compatible with? We have designed the offering to utilize the existing programmatic infrastructure.

  • Execute contextual video targeting through your current content management system, video player, and ad server in order to offer new and differentiated inventory to buyers at scale.
  • Curate contextual private marketplaces for a range of demand-side-platforms in order to bring relevant and engaging advertising to your audience.

Watch our Demo and Download our Fact Sheet to Learn More