IRIS.TV Insights: Top Performing Videos for 2018 Midterm Elections

by | Nov 5, 2018 | Video Programming Insights

The 2018 Midterm election has come and gone, but we thought we’d share some of the top performing videos across a variety of categories related to politics. Total video views is an important factor in considering performance, but in-stream retention indicates that viewers who watch this video, continue to watch. Longer viewing times result in increased pre-roll starts and ad completions. When engaged with relevant videos users consider the experience more like a mini TV show rather than a playlist of digital video. The following list of videos from our clients factor in both view count and bounce rate.

In the days since the election, many users are continuing to engage with both pre and post-election coverage. The videos listed here have more views when presented as a recommendation, meaning that more people are watching these videos to completion (and watching more video after) when the video is surfaced as the second or third video in a playlist. These videos can be identified by their high recommended views to initial views ratio and disproportionately low bounce rate. Publishers often re-share or promote the articles where these videos first appeared as an entry-point for continued engagement.

Election Day and Beyond

USA Today: Congressman wins, makes bad dad joke about daughter

Miami Herald: A night of firsts in the midterm elections

USA Today: 83-year-old man walks to vote after deer totals his car

Star-Telegram: Cruz, O’Rourke make last-minute push for Texas votes

USA Today: Eva Longoria on Latino vote: We’re ‘not a monolithic group’

Sacramento Bee: California’s 4th Congressional District Democratic candidate Jessica Morse thanks supporters


Supreme Court Showdown

Based on top-performing assets in total video views, Kavanaugh related assets were among the top performing across several other publications.

USA Today: Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed; What it means for the midterm elections

Key Races

Texas Senate Race

Star-Telegram: Beto O’Rourke says Cruz stayed ‘true to form’

Florida’s Governor Race

Miami Herald: Gillum and DeSantis spar in Florida governor debate

South Carolina’s Governor Race

The State: Who will be SC’s next governor? Here’s what you need to know

North Carolina Congressional Debate

Charlotte Observer: North Carolina’s 9th District Democratic and Republican Congressional Candidates face off in their first debate

Political Profile Videos

Lexington Herald Leader: What is it about Amy McGrath that has Anderson County women excited to vote?

McClatchy papers: The political rise of Senator Kamala Harris: From California attorney to Congress



Users are engaging with content that features the impact of policy and how to vote on election day. For local outlets, these videos lead in all coverage.

The Fresno Bee: What you need to know about Proposition 5: Property tax break for seniors 

Fresno Bee: What you need to know about voting in Sacramento County
Miami Herald: Get to know the 12 amendments on this November’s ballot

International Coverage

NZ Herald Axios Trump IRIS.TV

2018 Midterms Video Programming Guide