IRIS.TV Releases World’s First Video Programming Platform

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Press



IRIS.TV, the global leader in video personalization, releases the world’s first Video Programming Platform. The platform utilizes a data-driven approach to digital distribution, allowing publishers to automate content programming while maximizing the value of their audience and video library across all devices and video player formats.

Publishers using IRIS.TV have seen their monthly video views increase by an average of 54% alongside increased user engagement and retention.

Adaptive Stream™, the platform’s video personalization engine, plugs into the video player enabling real-time one-to-one streaming across all devices. In addition, programming can be customized with business and editorial rules.

Asset IQ™ offers automated data structuring and asset optimization. This system builds standardized data sets, taxonomy, and data enhancements for video assets so that they may be surfaced to relevant viewers and promote virality.

IRIS Vision™ offers business intelligence and programming management tools so that video teams can gain insight on content performance across a variety of parameters and take specific actions that drive ROI.

Included in the IRIS.TV Video Programming platform are tools like Campaign Manager™. This product allows IRIS.TV customers to manage programmatic placement of branded content mid-stream. With Campaign Manager™, publishers will be able to distribute branded video natively to engaged audiences watching videos on their properties.

  • Place branded video content in-stream on premium publisher sites
  • Control distribution of branded video across a publisher network by programming frequencies and thresholds necessary to meet campaign guarantees
  • Manage multiple campaigns across the network while maintaining brand safety and maximizing views and revenue

 “The Internet is turning into TV in many ways. The only way to find the content you love is by searching for it, or having it programmed for you. We built the IRIS.TV Video Programming Platform to enable publishers and marketers to succeed in three key areas: growing consumption, engagement, and retention. To engage viewers in a content universe that is multi-device and multi-platform, you need to understand their behavior and preferences in a variety circumstances in real-time and at scale,” said IRIS.TV CEO and co-Founder, Field Garthwaite.

“The infrastructure to stream video, to play an ad, and to validate those metrics through third-party analytics has been in place for years. These are essential to starting a video business. In order to grow web and mobile video into a profit center, publishers need to invest in programming and building an audience like they had with television. Until now, there wasn’t a programming management platform to shine a light on opportunities on how to improve and validate what’s working and what’s not,” added Garthwaite.

Hundreds of publishers worldwide currently use the IRIS.TV Video Programming Platform including: Time Inc, CBS, Hollywood Reporter, Tribune Publishing and Billboard among others.

 About IRIS.TV
IRIS.TV is a cloud-based personalized video programming system that allows publishers and content owners to generate more video views and engage users across all devices. The company’s product suite is designed to increase video consumption and simplify operations for web, mobile, and OTT video distribution. The software integrates with existing video player environments and automates streaming of personalized content based on audience preferences and user interactions. IRIS.TV has hundreds of customers across the world that rely on the company’s video programming platform to keep their audience watching. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter @IRIS_TV.