Press Release: IRIS.TV Launches Campaign Manager™ Enabling Publishers to Serve Branded Video Campaigns In-Stream

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Press

Ad-blocker Proof Audience Targeting that Maintains Editorial Standards and User Experience

LOS ANGELES (October 04, 2016) IRIS.TV, a video personalization pioneer that enables publishers and marketers to maximize the value of their video inventory by streaming custom programming to individual users across all devices, today launched Campaign Manager™, a product that enables publishers using the IRIS.TV video programming platform, to serve audiences branded video campaigns in-stream with premium editorial content.

Instead of driving audiences to dedicated landing pages and waiting on clicks, Campaign Manager uses IRIS.TV’s personalization engine to program branded videos to the right user across all publisher video entry points. With “in-stream” programming, marketers, for the first time, can serve branded campaigns to targeted audiences organically on premium publisher owned & operated destinations. Campaigns programmed by IRIS.TV are ad-blocker resistant and are served only to engaged users resulting in metrics that enable marketers to more clearly assess ROI.

“IRIS.TV Campaign Manager will enable agencies and brands to better engage targeted audiences as it solves many of the global operations and business challenges that have limited branded content distribution from reaching its true potential. In-stream programming is the future of branded video and IRIS.TV with its combination of A.I. personalization, predictive analytics and prescriptive insight, is ahead of the curve and establishing the practices which will soon become industry standards” says Stella Voutsina, EVP, Technology, Data and Digital Operations for Assembly.

Campaign Manager lets publishers customize the user experience by picking the number of views, time of day, device, location, frequency, flight-time, etc. This allows for branded video targeting to be optimized for maximum exposure to audiences that IRIS.TV’s artificial intelligence and adaptive machine learning know will appreciate each particular video’s content. The combination of AI predictability and prescriptive business intelligence, results in a 62% average increase in monthly video views for IRIS.TV customers.

“The inconsistent UX of video ads has led to poor performance of websites and apps and in many ways has contributed to the rise of ad blocking,” says Richie Hyden, COO of IRIS.TV. “Branded content has proven to perform substantially higher than pre-roll while also commanding a premium of more than 20x and is paid on a cost per view basis. IRIS.TV Campaign Manager enables marketers to maximize reach and engagement of their campaigns while allowing publishers to control the distribution of revenue-rich branded videos across their publisher network to assure campaign guarantees. Moreover, the performance data we provide gives them the confidence to produce their own videos on behalf of their brand partners.”

“IRIS.TV Campaign Manager is easy to use and quick to implement. Upon launch, we saw an instant lift in our branded video campaigns,” says Michael Palmer, GM of Video for The Hollywood Reporter/Billboard. “With the ability to distribute branded content in-stream to our viewers, we not only meet our guarantees, but also maintain our high editorial standards and continue to provide our users with highest quality user experience. We also now have unique prescriptive data on our campaigns, which has enabled us to make smarter strategic decisions.”

“Campaign Manager resolves a host of problems around meeting branded video campaign guarantees,” adds Mr. Hyden. “The most common end-points publishers have for fulfilling branded video campaigns have been dedicated landing pages on their owned and operated properties and social media. Landing pages are not ideal placements for publisher, brand, or user because they are neither organic nor native to the user experience. Other entry points such as when a video unit that appears out of nowhere on an article page is not native to the user experience; it’s an interruption. Forcing a 2-5 minute video to the wrong viewer is a breach of trust. Programming in-stream puts the right video in front of the right person at a time when we have optimized his/her attention.”

IRIS.TV is a cloud-based personalized video programming system that allows publishers and content owners to generate more video views and engage users across all devices. The company’s product suite is designed to increase video consumption and simplify operations for web, mobile, and OTT video distribution. The software integrates with existing video players using artificial intelligence and adaptive machine learning to automate streaming of personalized content based on audience preferences, user interaction, and behavioral segmentation. IRIS.TV has hundreds of customers across the world that rely on the company’s video programming platform to keep their audiences watching.

Based in Los Angeles, IRIS TV’s investors include Sierra Wasatch, BDMI, Progress Ventures and individual backers including Machinima founder Allen DeBevoise, Lions Gate CFO James Barge as well as senior executives with Nielsen and AEG.