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Press Release: Spectrum Media Services Joins IRIS.TV’s Contextual Video Marketplace

Spectrum Media Services, a leader in cookieless contextual targeting, is joining the IRIS.TV Contextual Video Marketplace to enable its unique topic-level scoring data for video across all platforms and devices. This partnership addresses the ambiguous nature of keyword targeting inherent to video advertising. This solves for the waste in reach and media impressions which is especially critical in video to both the buy and the sell side. Read More

IRIS.TV Introduces Oracle Data Cloud into its Contextual Ad Targeting for Video Solution

With this integration, Oracle Data Cloud’s contextual segmentation can be deployed at the scale Fortune 500 brands require for relevant and brand-safe video advertising. This combination will deliver on the needs of the world’s largest marketers and agencies to provide transparency on where their advertising is placed across all video formats—mobile, CTV and web, while navigating the requirements of new and emerging privacy regulations in the US and EU. Read More

Super Bowl Recap: How to Maximize Audience Retention around Tentpole Events

With the lowest ratings in a decade, another Super Bowl is behind us. Although ratings were considered low this year as 98.2 million viewers tuned into the game via CBS television broadcast, 2.6 million streamed the game online. As digital video consumption continues to grow, expect that streaming total to continue to increase. Because users are significantly more at ease consuming across digital platforms, there are opportunities for publishers to leverage the high volume views these tentpoles generate before and after the event. Read More
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