programmatic marketing

Put Every Video in Context.

  • Put Every Video Ad in Context.
  • Reach your audience and drive increased ROI.
  • Privacy First: Move your brand beyond the cookie.
  • Appear in 100% brand-safe, relevant environments.

IRIS-enabled™ Contextual Intelligence

The Problem

Consumers are flocking to video and connected TV, but inventory is fragmented and there is no video-level content transparency. You don’t know where your ads have been so you cannot guarantee brand-safety or brand-suitability.

The Solution

Built for the post-cookie ecosystem, IRIS.TV provides a powerful and privacy-friendly way to reach your audience. The things people watch tell us a lot about them, allowing our ecosystem to create custom audience segments based upon observed behavior.

IRIS.TV enables marketers to target each consumer with video ads that are aligned to the content of the videos they are watching on web, mobile and CTV.

"Publishers and advertisers can now match premium content with relevant video advertising in real-time and across multiple platforms, ensuring a better overall experience for the viewer"

Essence Global -
Mike Fisher | SVP of Corporate Strategy
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