Video Publishing Best Practices: Inauguration Day 2017 Guidelines

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Video Programming Insights

Research compiled from IRIS.TV clients data driven from previous debates and events throughout the 2016 Presidential election.

Best Practices for Inauguration 2017 Video Coverage:

Drive more time on your owned & operated site by featuring a video asset on every inauguration-focused article

  • Assets featuring Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy have driven retention rates higher than average
  • Ensure each asset is tagged with an appropriate inauguration category or tag: assets tagged with the event increases retention rates by 15%
  • Metadata Tagging Suggestion: Trump, Inauguration, Inauguration2017

Key Takeaways

Creative titles that include an audience hook or “outrageous moment”

  • Assets with attention-grabbing titles have 67% higher retention rates than video entitled with descriptions such as “summary” or “watch”

Turn on auto-play

  • Autoplay clients have 16% higher user retention rates than clients who use click to play

Promote assets on social media to drive traffic to O&O site

  • Recommendation: Assets capturing interviews on social media trending stories, such as Celebrity appearances, drive traffic back to O&O site

Create a combination of two types of videos: “Lead story” as anchor videos and highly engaging “Recommended” videos

“Lead Stories” peak user attention and generate initial engagement

Feature abbreviated recaps of Inauguration, fact checking, hot-button statements made by commentators, performance analysis of president-elect Trump, interviews of celebs or influential political figures present at the Inauguration.

Average Asset Length: 120-160 seconds

“Recommended” videos: continue and extend user experience on site

Create content on celebrity reactions or opposing politicians, highlighted moments of aggression from Inauguration protestors, short coverage Trump family, and inauguration performances

Average Asset Length: 30-80 seconds

Trump General Coverage

Counter Coverage: Barack Obama Legacy

Events such as the 2017 inaugration, debates, award shows, sporting events are tentpole events that have a high liklihood of producing viral content. You can increase this probability by following a set of general best practices beginning with metadata and taxonomy structure. Check out these links for more information: