Why “in-stream” placement of branded video is a Win, Win, Win

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Video Programming Insights

Branded video campaigns provide publishers with an opportunity for significantly higher revenue as brands pay a premium to access the targeted audience of a publisher. According to recent studies, quality branded content has proven to outperform pre-roll advertising. Like all forms of inventory, the challenge is achieving reach and engagement.

The most common end-points publishers have for fulfilling branded video campaigns have been dedicated landing pages on their owned & operated properties and social media. Landing pages are not ideal placements for publisher, brand, or user. Why? Because they are neither organic nor native to the user experience.

As technology continues to change the consumer experience of content, users are becoming increasingly sensitive to disruptions such as latency, load times (especially on mobile), invasive ads, and irrelevant content recommendations. A video unit that appears out of nowhere on an article page is not native, it’s just rude.

With users demanding the highest quality experience across devices, publishers face an uphill and costly battle trying to drive audiences to those branded video destinations. Changes in native advertising policy of leading social media services have limited the ability of publishers to fulfill guarantees. Social also has its limitations as it fulfills reach, but not direct engagement with the targeted user.

Another challenge to branded content distribution is format. Unlike standard pre-roll, branded video is measured in minutes not seconds. If you force content of that nature on the user, you will abuse their trust and they’ll start accessing your content via third-parties such as aggregators and social only.

With IRIS.TV’s latest release, Campaign Manager™, we’ve developed “in-stream” placement of branded video, a solution that is a win for publishers, a win for brands, and a win for users.

Hundreds of publishers worldwide use the IRIS.TV Video Programming Platform, including Time Inc., Northern & Shell, and Telepictures to personalize the distribution of premium content to millions of users to maximize consumption, engagement, and retention.

With Campaign Manager™, publishers can now leverage our industry-leading artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to place branded video to engaged and targeted audiences. Large publishers have the ability to control distribution of single or multiple campaigns across a publisher network.

IRIS.TV enabled video players create a continuous stream of personalized video that updates based on user behavior in real-time. Campaign Manager™ inserts branded content into these streams with placement customizable by a variety of parameters such as:

  • Streaming position
  • Frequency
  • Content Category
  • Geography
  • Device

Additionally, because these placements are treated as content through our system, publishers can utilize the rich data and insight from our business intelligence and programming platform, IRIS Vision™.

  • Actionable data on how branded video performed to inform content creation and future distribution
  • Differentiated performance data to inform overall campaign strategy by seeing what content performs best on what content verticals
  • Actionable insight in the form of real-time information on campaign performance enabling campaign optimization during flight-time

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