Video Intelligence and Programming Solutions

Trusted by hundreds of broadcasters and publishers worldwide to Increase engagement, activate data, and build audience insights across all video platforms.

Harness the power of artificial
intelligence and machine learning.

Video Personalization & Programming

Engage Audiences at Scale

Video recommendations increase consumption and retention

Collect 1st party audience viewing data and prescriptive insights

Control programming based on specific business needs

Contextual Ad Targeting for Video

Align pre-roll ads to content

Create contextual segments for video advertising

Activate segments for direct and programmatic advertising

Utilize a range of contextual data partners to align with current display targeting


Industry-leading results in consumption, engagement and retention
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With IRIS.TV, we have significantly increased our video views, engagement, and user retention. Our success with IRIS.TV has allowed us to invest in video with confidence.

Alan Whiteley | CTO
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With IRIS. TV’s A.I. creating personalized recommendations of our premium content, we were able to exceed our objectives, improve subscriber yield, and provide our audience with the highest quality user experience.

Jordan Foord | Director of Product
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IRIS.TV was able to work with Verizon on video recommendation to generate a personalized virtual linear feed for each user, which was super exciting to us and allowed a vision of ours that we’ve had for a long time now, to come to life.

Jason Friedlander | Senior Director Product Marketing
Integrated with all major video players
Integrated with all major video players
Integrated with all major video players
Maximize revenue on your 
owned-and-operated sites and apps.

Keep your loyal viewers watching your content on your site.

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